Brazil — An Unexpected Wine Country Trip

The predominantly Italian Rio Grande do Sul is a gorgeous launching point for exploring an unexpected wine region: southern Brazil.


Travel to China— Important Things to Know!

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10 Important Tips for Renting a Car in Ireland – and Driving it!

Renting a car in Ireland is different that most places I have traveled. Save yourself time, money and headaches by reading these tips on renting, and driving a car in Ireland. It is a great way to see the country but don't make the mistakes I did!


Eight–Day Travel Itinerary: My Visit To Norway In December

I didn't expect Oslo to be so modern, and yet have such wonderful pops of historical architecture. From Stortinget (the Parliament building) to Deichman Bjørvika - I thoroughly enjoyed this bustling city.

Visiting Norway Solo

There are few places in the world where I don’t stick out like a sore thumb when traveling. Visiting Norway solo was a treat — not only for the usual reasons.

Puerto Rico

The Ultimate Guide to Taking the Ferry to Vieques, PR

Taking the ferry to Vieques is a cost effective and easy way to get to the lovely island.


Semana Santa: A Powerful Experience in Malaga, Spain

Semana Santa is a tradition throughout the country, but it is truly legendary in Malaga, Spain.

United States

10 Great Things to Do in Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon, is a leafy, pretty, green city. It feels built to human scale and harmonious with its stunning natural surroundings. There are so many incredible things to do in Portland.
A view of the Seattle waterfront

Top Things to Do Solo in Seattle

There’s a certain mystic beauty to the green and gray of Seattle, enhanced by the polite and considerate calm of most everyone I encountered.