Accommodations Travel Tips

The Pros and Cons of a Viking River Cruise

Most of my travel is roughing it, but I could get used to the little luxuries of a Viking River Cruise. Here are the pros and cons.
Live like a local by house-sitting abroad

House-sitting: A Great Way to Travel

House sitting is a great accommodation option, especially for pet lovers. But remember, your first responsibility is to the pets and the house, which can limit your time to sightsee.

Gear Travel Tips

Travel Gear We Love: Travel Clothes Edition

You don't have to spend a fortune on travel clothes; these are the favorites that you'll find in our bags.

Outdoors Travel Tips

A Simple Day Hiking Checklist for Beginners

Most of my hiking has been done with nothing more than good intentions and a water bottle. But with bigger hikes comes bigger responsibility.

Packing Travel Tips

How to Pack For Carry-On Only - Easy Guide

There are no gold stars for carry-on only travel but there are benefits!

Planning Travel Tips

Travel Planning 101 - Ultimate Travel Planning Checklist

The Ultimate Traavel Planning Checklist - Make sure you are prepared with this easy list!
a girls' trip to glenwood springs, colorado

Planning a Girls' Trip: 5 Important Things to Consider

Even if you and your ladies don’t succumb to food poisoning in the street (Bridesmaids) or roll down a hill (Wine Country), planning a girls’ trip can be an amazing bonding experience and an opportunity for a special kind of travel. Here are five things to consider.

Safety Travel Tips

Tips for Visiting a High-Altitude Destination — Be Safe and Stay Healthy

Are you planning a trip to a high-altitude destination? While the stunning views and fresh mountain air can be exhilarating, … Read More

Solo Travel Travel Tips

18 Tips for a Solo Road Trip Out West

A solo road trip out west is iconic. But going it alone in regions where gas stations are few and far between does require you to be smart about a few things.

Technology and Money Travel Tips

The 15 Best Travel Apps You Must Download for Your Next Trip

Using travel apps specific for an upcoming trip helps reduce my anxiety and helps me feel prepared.

Transportation Travel Tips

12 Pointers on Traveling Better from The Points Guy

Julianne met up with The Points Guy at a travel show and took notes to share with you, dear friends, on traveling better.
Public Transportation

Beginners Guide to Public Transportation

Public transportation can be intimidating if you don't live in a city where you use it regularly. The more you use it, the easier it gets; these tips and tricks can help you feel more comfortable.