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Sometimes a trip inspires a story. Sometimes a story inspires a trip. We invite others to share their travel experiences, advice, stories and perspectives.

We try to see the world with eyes wide open, but we know that our frame of reference shapes our travel experiences. We want to create a community where others can share what inspires them and how they see the world through their own personal lens.

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Angie on a trail

Angie: My Travel Story

Adventurer Angie shares why travel is so important to her: "represents taking back my power and autonomy over my life. It brings freedom and builds courage. It heals my heart and soothes my soul. It means absolutely everything to me."
Hands taking photo out an airplane window


I was riding in an Uber and I was struck by my drivers hands. Over the course of this trip I'd be captivated by strangers hands and it made me think about all of the ways simple gestures can mean so much.
Celebrating after overcoming travel anxiety

My Journey To Overcome Travel Anxiety

I traveled to Germany many times as a child and teen and loved it. Imagine my surprise when I found myself battling server travel anxiety. This is my journey back to the skies.
Brent smiles

Brent: My Travel Story

Guest contributor Brent Harris shares his travel experiences. "I find the world so beautiful and want to experience it in any way I can."