Brand Partnerships

Journey Here Travel is dedicated to empowering and inspiring women of all ages to travel. If you are a brand looking for a partner, we are a little different than your average blogger. We are two marketing professionals with over 20 years of experience working with brands. We approach every project with brand-focused professionalism.

As a brand, we value ethics, inclusion, diversity and empowerment. We strongly believe that travel should be available to all, and we’re on a mission to make this a reality for women who choose to explore.

Our core audience is women over 40 who desire to make the most of their travels. From budget-friendly to luxury splurges, we help women connect the dots from ideas to reality.

If you think your brand is a match for Journey Here’s values and want to explore working with us, please email us at or download our media kit below.

Marketing Professionals

In addition to being obsessed with travel, Julianne and Heather are both full-time marketing professionals. We would love to work with you in this capacity as well. We each bring different skill sets to the table. (And combined, we’re the Wonder Twins!) Reach out to us individually or as a team.

Work With Julianne

Alternately profusely creative and precisely detailed, I can work both sides of the plan. I can write the plan, too! I most often work as a copywriter, copy editor and social media manager/strategist. Career highlights specific to travel include:

  • interviewing Anthony Bourdain in Chicago for a feature story on his book No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach
  • traveling to southern Brazil with 12 other wine writers from around the world to learn about the country’s new viticulture enterprises, taste the wines and walk through the vines
  • chopping veggies with toddlers, eating chicken feet with a Chinese host in Chicago’s Chinatown and shopping in a little Asian market with a world-renowned chef as a food writer for the Chicago Sun-Times
  • writing colorful and compelling blog and product-focused web copy for a major outdoor gear brand
  • copy editing travel, wine and food stories (and getting to google and learn all the things)
  • interviewing the iconic Chef John Ash in the heart of Santa Rosa and the cult winemaker Bob Egelhoff in his wine caves
  • getting published with stories about my trips to Barcelona, Malaga, Colorado, Orlando, Chicago and other destinations

My clients appreciate my fresh strategic approach to their projects; my out-of-the-box tactics; my lyrical writing; my unfailingly clean copy; and my relentless adherence to deadlines. You can see the full scope of my work at Let’s discuss how I can put these skills to work for you.

Work With Heather

I’m like a Swiss Army knife; I’ve got a tool for almost any scenario. I’ve got tricks up my sleeve if it’s in marketing, brand analysis, video production, UX or customer experience mapping. I currently work as the marketing director for a national solar distributor, and in addition to my work with Journey Here, I help small brands create effective marketing strategies. My personal favorite is customer journey mapping and on-site customer experience reporting. I’d love to redo the wayfinding at most airports! If you are looking to evaluate the customer experience for your brand, be it online or in-person, I provide in-depth analysis that includes inclusion sensitive to gender, race and disabilities.

  • Writer – Storytelling is my jam, but I can also write a detailed blog post about battery efficacy in the solar industry.
  • Video producer – TV Commercials, brand videos, interviews and more
  • Brand manager
  • Marketing director
  • Customer experience mapping
  • On-site customer experience consulting and reporting
  • Website UX Review
  • Inclusion: Is your copy, concept, or campaign inclusive?

I can be reached at